Thermal Shields


Venator-class Star Destroyer (SWM41)

Invisible Hand (SWM42)

Card text

Medium or large ship only.

While defending, after the attacker gathers dice, you may spend 1 [brace] token. If you do, choose and remove half of the dice in the attack pool, rounded down.


Type Defensive Retrofit
Faction Republic / Separatist
Unique No
Points 5


The effect of this Upgrade Card triggers during attack step 2, before the attacker rolls attack dice.

Official rulings

A ship equipped with Thermal Shields cannot spend a brace token to activate its effect while that ship is at speed 0.


Aug 5, 2021 | Source: AMG Rules Forum

A ship may use Thermal Shields to remove dice while defending against an attack from Planetary Ion Cannon.


Jul 18, 2021 | Source: AMG Rules Forum

If all dice of one color are removed from the attack pool with Thermal Shields, dice of that color cannot be added to the pool using a [Concentrate Fire] dial unless another effect (such as Swivel-Mount Batteries) can add dice of that color back to the pool.


Jul 12, 2021 | Source: AMG Rules Forum

Question: Does Commander Sato replace dice before or after Thermal Shields?

Answer: After. The timing step for Thermal Shields is “after an attacker gathers dice”. Commander Sato’s timing step is “before rolling”, which occurs later.


Jun 14, 2021 | Source: AMG Rules Forum

Community rulings

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