Commander Sato


Upgrade Card Collection (SWM38)

Phoenix Home (SWM21)

Card text

While a friendly ship is attacking a ship at distance 1 of a friendly squadron, before rolling attack dice, the attacker may replace up to 2 dice in its attack pool with an equal number of dice of any color or colors.


Type Commander
Faction Rebel
Unique Yes
Points 27


This Upgrade Card triggers before rolling attack dice, and can be used on a ships battery armament.

Official rulings

Question: Does Commander Sato replace dice before or after Thermal Shields?

Answer: After. The timing step for Thermal Shields is “after an attacker gathers dice”. Commander Sato’s timing step is “before rolling”, which occurs later.


Jun 14, 2021 | Source: AMG Rules Forum

Community rulings

While one of Satos ships is attacking another ship that is at Distance 1 of a friendly squadron (a squadron owned by Sato), before the initial attack pool is rolled, 1 or 2 dice in that initial attack pool may be replaced with 1 or 2 dice of another color(s).

Jul 9, 2020 | Source: KARM

Any dice gained by cards equipped that increase the battery armament of a ship (Spinal Armament, Rapid Reload, etc) are eligible to be chosen

Jul 9, 2020 | Source: KARM