Taskmaster Grint


Upgrade Card Collection (SWM38)

Chimaera (SWM29)

Card text

Choose the command token for this card after deploying fleets.

When you reveal a command matching the token on this card, you may gain 1 matching command token without spending the command dial.


Type Officer
Faction Imperial
Unique Yes
Starting 1: [Command Token]
Points 5


This Upgrade Card may resolve when the ship reveals its Command Dial and is of a Command that matches the Command token on this card.

Official rulings

No official rulings

Community rulings

After deployment, if a ship is equipped with Taskmaster Grint, you may choose to place 1 command token on the card. Then when that ship reveals a command, if that command matches the command token on the card, that ship may gain a matching command token of the revealed command.

Jul 18, 2020 | Source: KARM

Per FAQ Taskmaster Grint Can only resolve on, that ships “revealed” dial, not dials that are “gained”.

Jul 18, 2020 | Source: KARM

Taskmaster Grint is in the timing of “When you reveal a command”. When you gain a token from their card effect, you cannot remove that token to assign to another ship with Comms Net until “after” the Reveal Command Dial step.

Jul 18, 2020 | Source: KARM

When a ship equipped with Taskmaster Grint doesn’t “reveal” a command dial, due to that dial being discarded, then you cannot resolve Taskmaster Grint.

Jul 18, 2020 | Source: KARM

If the ship Taskmaster Grint is currently equipped too has been set aside due to another card or objective ability (Such as Hyperspace Assault, etc) then you cannot resolve Taskmaster Grint ability as it is not considered in play.

Jul 18, 2020 | Source: KARM