Venator-class Star Destroyer (SWM41)

Card text

You must choose at least 2 types of command tokens for this card.

After you resolve a command by spending a dial, you may discard 1 matching command token from this card to gain that token.


Type Title
Faction Republic
Unique Yes
Starting 4: [Repair] | [Squadron] | [Concentrate Fire]
Points 6


The effect of this Upgrade Card triggers when resolving a command by spending a dial.

Official rulings

Question: What does it mean by “spending a dial” with the Resolute card effect. Does it mean when I only spend a dial, or can I spend a dial & token?

Answer: This means that you can resolve the effect of Resolute as long as a dial was spent when resolving the command. This includes the spending of a dial and a token together.


Jun 22, 2021 | Source: AMG Rules Forum

Community rulings

No community rulings