Reserve Hangar Deck


Rebellion in the Rim (SWM31)

Galactic Republic Fleet Starter (SWM34)

Separatist Alliance Fleet Starter (SWM35)

Upgrade Card Collection (SWM38)

Card text

When a friendly non-unique squadron with swarm at distance 1-5 is destroyed, you may discard this card. If you do, you may set that squadron’s hull points to “2” and place that squadron, unengaged, at distance 1 with its activation slider toggled to the activated side.


Type Offensive Retrofit
Faction Neutral
Unique No
Points 3


This Upgrade Card may be discarded when a friendly non-unique squadron with “Swarm” is destroyed.

Official rulings

Treat this upgrade card ability as only being able to be used on “friendly” squadrons.


Apr 26, 2022 | Source: AMG Rules Forum

A non-unique squadron that is activated by Nevoota Bee and is destroyed during its activation (for example, during a Counter or Salvo attack) can be replaced by resolving Reserve Hangar Deck’s effect.


Nov 8, 2021 | Source: AMG Rules Forum

When a squadron is destroyed and replaced in the play area by Reserve Hangar Deck, the opponent does not score points for that squadron. Only squadrons that are destroyed and are no longer in the the play area by the end of the game are able to be scored.


Aug 12, 2021 | Source: AMG Rules Forum

Reserve Hangar Deck’s effect may resolve when a friendly objective squadron is destroyed (such as a squadron added by Pilot Defection).


Aug 12, 2021 | Source: AMG Rules Forum

If a player chooses to resolve Reserve Hangar Deck when a squadron is destroyed, the squadron is still considered destroyed in order to resolve General Grievous (Commander) effect.

The squadron’s position when it was destroyed would be used when determining distance for General Grievous (Commander) effect, not the squadron’s position after being placed by Reserve Hangar Deck.


Jul 10, 2021 | Source: AMG Rules Forum

Community rulings

All efforts must be made to place the squadron unengaged. If this is not possible, then the squadron may be placed engaged with as few enemy squadrons as possible.

Jul 16, 2020 | Source: KARM