Rapid Launch Bays


Upgrade Card Collection (SWM38)

Super Star Destroyer (SWM20)

Phoenix Home (SWM21)

Card text

Before deploying fleets, you may set aside a number of friendly squadrons up to your squadron value next to your ship card.

[Squadron]: For each squadron you would activate with this command, you may place 1 of your set-aside squadrons within distance 1. It cannot move this activation.


Type Offensive Retrofit
Faction Neutral
Unique No
Points 6


This Upgrade Card triggers sets aside squadrons before deploying fleets to the equipped ship. Then a Ship may place those squadrons when a Squadron command is resolved in the ship phase.

Official rulings

When a ship with this card equipped resolves a Squadron command, it can place its set-aside squadrons up to the number it would activate during that Squadron command. After the squadrons are placed, they can be activated (one at a time) as part of that Squadron command, but cannot move. Placing a set-aside squadron does not count as an activation.

Example: A ship equipped with Rapid Launch Bays has a squadron value of “4” and sets 4 B-wing squadrons aside. During a later round, the ship resolves a Squadron command from its dial and first chooses to place all 4 of the B-wing squadrons. Then, the ship activates 3 of those B-wings and 1 X-wing that is at its squadron activation range. The B-wing squadrons can attack but cannot move as part of that activation.

Dec 21, 2017 | Source: FAQ v3.3.1

Community rulings

Before fleets are deployed, a ship with Rapid Launch Bays equipped may set aside as many squadrons up to that ships squadron value, these squadrons are located on the ship that is setting them aside.

When that ship resolves the Squadron command, it may place as many squadrons as its squadron value within distance 1 of that ship. These squadrons are placed unactivated and do not count as a squadron activation.

Once these squadrons are placed, that ship may choose any squadron in range to activate, however any squadrons that were placed by that ship can only attack. They cannot move during that ships activation. After that ships activation, they may be activated by a squadron command to move and/or attack.

Jul 16, 2020 | Source: KARM

A ship that is also equipped with Fighter Coordination Team cannot choose to move any squadrons that were placed by that ship from Rapid Launch Bays.

Jul 16, 2020 | Source: KARM

If Rapid Launch Bays is discarded by another card ability such as Darth Vader (Boarding Team) then any squadrons currently set aside that have not been placed are considered destroyed.

Jul 16, 2020 | Source: KARM